Thursday, August 25, 2011

Community Top Prospect List: #9

In poll #8, Derek Norris got the most tallies, winning 41% of the vote in largely a 2-horse race between him and Lombardozzi (28%). Surprisingly, Destin Hood got 0 votes. That's a testament to the Nats' system depth, though, because if any system has Derek Norris as the #8 prospect and Destin Hood isn't even in major consideration for top 8, it's pretty strong.

Here's your list so far:
1. OF Bryce Harper (90%)
2. 3B Anthony Rendon (83%)
3. LHP Matt Purke (47%)
4. RHP Brad Peacock (39%)
5. RHP AJ Cole (44%)
6. RHP Alex Meyer (26%)
7. LHP Robbie Ray (31%)
8. C Derek Norris (41%)

Here's your new list. Remember, argue for your player in the comments section and leave a new name as well!


  1. My vote is for Goodwin, with Hood a close 2nd. I love Lombo and Marrero, but neither have a ceiling better than league average at their positions.

  2. I voted for Milone. After doubting for a long time, I've decided to believe in him (as a slightly below average mlb pitcher). He's leading the International League in FIP by about half a run. Minor league performance can be deceptive, but his statistical profile is too dominant to be dismissed. And if the Nats let Livo go, someone will have to fill his shoes as "guy who throws 86 mph fast balls and still gets outs."

    I can see arguments for others, but I don't find them compelling. The high upside choices are really raw. (I like Goodwin's tools, but the track record of sandwich round picks is spotty, at best.) The low upside, more advanced types, Lombo and Marrero, are likely well below average mlb players, if that.

  3. It is getting even harder now, with a plausible argument for probably 5 or 6 different players.

    I went Goodwin too, since he plays CF and that is the more valuable position than the others (and none of the starters has more than a #3 ceiling). He clearly benefits from the newness factor, though.

  4. I voted for Goodwin, but Solis is really being overlooked. He was our 4th or 6th best prospect at the start of the season (#3 if you exclude Espinosa), but somehow he's managed to fall rather far down the list, despite pitching rather well this season.

    Injuries are a major concern for him- he's only pitched about 100 innings in two seasons now. He's also been very unlucky this season (.359 BABIP in Potomac), but good peripherals: 8.6 K/9, 2.3 BB/9, and getting lots of groundballs (1.55 GO/AO) through A- and A+.
    I wish the Nats had been more aggressive with him. He was, after all, a 2nd round college pick. He should have been started higher than Hagerstown, and shouldn't have returned there again this season, especially having pitched in the AFL last year. Now, he's a 23 year old in high A, meanwhile we have a couple hotshot 19 year olds in Ray and Cole who are right behind him in low A.

  5. Agreed on Solis...I suppose when you line him up beside other 2010 picks, you want to yell "BUST!" but he put together a pretty nice 2011 season and could still be in DC this time next year.