Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Community Top Prospect List: #2

Greetings, Nationals fans. Now that the Nats have signed their draft picks, it is time to continue with the community draft list. In the first poll, OF Bryce Harper was chosen as the Nats' #1 prospect with 93% of the votes.

As I stated before, I'd like to follow a similar format to the Japers' Rink's Ranking the Capitals posts from past summers; basically, each day I'll put up a new poll (you can vote here or on Twitter, follow me @seanhoganvt), asking readers to choose who they think the best prospect listed is. In the comment section, we can duke out our opinions on whether Steve Lombardozzi's grit and performance makes him a better prospect than Eury Perez's speed and raw skills do.

As each post comes and goes, I will also ask readers to leave one name for who they think should be the next candidate on the list.


  1. Sean - I can see this now on the iPad. Don't know what happened for the first one.

    I would add Lombardozzi next

  2. I changed the polling system to make sure you could do it on your iPad!