Friday, June 10, 2011

The Organized 2011 Nationals Draft Post

In the past week, I have written 10 posts about the Nationals and drafting. Since there are so many posts, I figured it would be helpful to have all of them refer back to one main, organized post.

  • I started things off on Monday with a two-part look at past Nationals drafts, both from 2005-07 and 2008-10.
  • The Nats forfeited their 2nd round pick to the Phillies in the Jayson Werth signing, so I kicked things off on Tuesday with a look at our 3rd through 10th rounders: LHP Matt Purke, LHP Kylin Turnbull, 3B Matt Skole, RHP Taylor Hill, RHP Brian Dupra, RHP Greg Holt, RHP Dixon Anderson and RHP Manny Rodriguez.
  • I spent Wednesday writing two separate posts. The first went through rounds 11 through 20: OF Caleb Ramsey, LHP Blake Monar, 1B Casey "Ory" Kalenosky, LF Cody Stubbs, SS Zach Houchins, SS Deion Williams, RHP Esteban Guzman, LHP Nick Lee, RHP Hawtin Buchanan and RHP Josh Laxer. I have set up preliminary plans to conduct an email interview with Laxer and will attempt to do so with as many other draft picks as I can.
  • Wednesday's second post went from round 21 to round 30, including many players with local ties and baseball bloodlines: LHP Todd Simko, RHP Travis Henke, 2B Khayyan Norfork, LHP Kyle Ottoson, C Erick Fernandez, SS Shawn Pleffner, LHP Robert Lucas, RHP Ken Ferrer, C Sean Cotten and LHP Bryan Harper.
  • On Thursday, I took a look at picks from rounds 31 to 40. These players were SS Josh Tobias, OF Billy Burns, 2B Trey Karlen, RHP Calvin Drummond,  RHP Alex Kreis, LHP Ben Hawkins, RHP Derrick Bleeker, LHP Brett Mooneyham, OF Peter Verdin and OF Stephen Collum.
  • On Friday, I finished things up with rounds 41 to 50. The players taken were IF Bryce Ortega, SS David Kerian, SS Mitchell Morales, 1B Matt Snyder, RHP Richie Mirowski, OF Tyler Thompson, LHP TJ Montgomery, OF Mike Bisenius, OF Hunter Cole and OF Tony Nix.
  • On June 17, nine draft picks signed with the Nats: Skole, Ramsey, Henke, Norfork, Lucas, Cotten, Karlen, Hawkins and Nix.

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