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Nationals Draft History: 2008-10

If you haven't already, check out my first post from this morning about the Nats' draft history from 2005-07. Here is the 2008-10 edition.

1st round pick: RHP Aaron Crow (9th overall, did not sign)
2nd round pick: OF Destin Hood (55th overall)
3rd round pick: MI Danny Espinosa (87th overall)

Other notable picks: LHP Graham Hicks (4th round), C Adrian Nieto (5th round), LHP Tom Milone (10th round), RHP Louis Coleman (14th round), OF J.P. Ramirez (15th round), 1B Tyler Moore (16th round), MI Steve Lombardozzi (19th round), LHP Bryan Harper (31st round), C Robert Brantly (46th round)

Still in the organization: Hood, Espinosa, Nieto, RHP Paul Demny (6th round), 1B J.R. Higley (9th round), Milone, Ramirez, Moore, MI Jose Lozada (17th round), LHP Bobby Hansen (18th round), Lombardozzi, OF Chris Curran (22nd round). 

-129 ML games played by Nats draft picks in '08, good for 3.4 WAR. 2 of those 3 players, however, declined to sign with the Nats and were redrafted (coincidentally by the Royals): 
-Crow and Coleman. Crow has been lights out in the bigs in 2011, despite very poor minor league numbers in 2010. 
-Hood has improved his batting approach tremendously in 2011, improving his BB rate and dropping his K rate. His isolated power has skyrocketed, his stolen base rate has gotten better and his BABIP does not suggest he's getting lucky. It's just high A ball, but I'm impressed so far.
-I've been a big fan of Espi since he was drafted. At the time, he was seen as an average player with no outstanding tools but a great work ethic. Now, he's got a nice combination of speed, power and patience to go with a plus arm and good glove.
-Hicks was another player dealt in the Gorzelanny trade. He has a 2.33 ERA in A ball this year, but with unimpressive peripherals.
-Nieto was a great value pick in the 5th round as a switch-hitting catcher with average or better skills both with the bat and the glove. Injuries and a PED suspension (noticing a pattern here?) have limited his playing time, but his offensive contributions have been pretty much limited to walks so far, with awful contact and power numbers.
-Milone is awesome, and will find his way to DC soon.
-Ramirez took 1 step forward with a solid 2010 campaign (.296/.341/.470) but 2 steps back so far in 2011 with a .216/.256/.351 triple slash.
-Moore finally signed in 2008 after being drafted by the Nats for the 3rd time.
-Lombardozzi will be in DC in not too long, just like Milone. It's always a good thing to have 3 decent young MI options like the Nats do.
-Curran was a friend of DC Sports Plus. Best wishes to him.
-The Nats drafted Bryce's brother Bryan in 2008. He'll be available in this year's draft, but lasted all the way until the 27th round last year anyways.
-Brantly did not sign with the Nats and was drafted in the 3rd round by the Tigers in 2010.

1st round picks: RHP Stephen Strasburg (1st overall) and RHP Drew Storen (10th overall)
2nd round pick: 2B Jeff Kobernus (50th overall)
3rd round pick: RHP Trevor Holder (81st overall)

Other notable picks: RHP A.J. Morris (4th round), RHP Dean Weaver (7th round), RHP Taylor Jordan (9th round), RHP Nathan Karns (12th round), RHP Patrick Lehman (13th round), LHP Danny Rosenbaum (22nd round), LHP Chris Manno (38th round in 2009, 26th round in 2010), 

Still in the organization: Strasburg, Storen, Kobernus, Holder, SS Michael Taylor (6th round), Weaver, MI Roberto Perez (8th round), Jordan, LHP Paul Applebee (10th round), CI/OF Justin Bloxom (11th round), Lehman, IF Sean Nicols (16th round), LHP Chad Jenkins (17th round), LHP Mitchell Clegg (21st round), Rosenbaum,  RHP Brandon King (27th round), RHP Matt Swynenberg (28th round), LHP Evan Bronson (29th round), RHP Rob Wort (30th round), RHP Kyle Morrison (32nd round), RHP Shane McCatty (34th round), Manno, 

-2009 Nats draftees have played 93 games with 2.3 WAR (1.3 for Strasburg and 1.0 for Storen).
-Kobernus has been a massive disappointment to date. I was a big believer in him, but his bat simply has not developed.
-Holder was a terrible pick. Having excellent control is great and all, but when you're getting bombed all day every day, not walking people just means all of the baserunners were the result of hits.
-Morris was seen as a good pick at the time, and was the final player dealt to the Cubs in the Gorzelanny trade. He hasn't pitched in 2011 due to injury, but at the moment he looks like the best out of the bunch that was moved.
-I still wonder why the Nats (or the Padres in 2010's 13th round for that matter) couldn't seal the deal on 5th round LHP Miguel Pena. 
-What happened to Nathan Karns? He was a last-minute, over slot pick who still hasn't pitched for the Nats.
-Lehman has 0 walks this season and over 5 K per every BB in his career.
-King still intrigues me despite his lack of experience and control.
-Shane McCatty is still the son of Steve McCatty.
-The 1-2 punch of Strasburg/Storen is awesome. Too bad the rest of the draft is mediocre.

1st round pick: OF Bryce Harper (1st overall)
2nd round pick: LHP Sammy Solis (51st overall)
3rd round pick: SS Rick Hague (83rd overall)

Other notable picks: RHP A.J. Cole (4th round), RHP Neil Holland (11th round), LHP Robbie Ray (12th round), LHP Chris Manno (26th round), 

Still in the organization: Harper, Solis, Hague, Cole, SS Jason Martinson (5th round), C Cole Leonida (6th round), OF Kevin Keyes (7th round), LHP Matt Grace (8th round), RHP Aaron Barrett (9th round), IF Blake Kelso (10th round), Holland, Ray, RHP Christopher McKenzie (13th round), C David Freitas (15th round), RHP Mark Herrera (16th round), RHP Tyler Hanks (17th round), 3B/OF Justin Miller (18th round), OF Wade Moore (19th round), OF Chad Mozingo (20th round), OF Connor Rowe (21st round), RHP Cameron Selik (22nd round), RHP Colin Bates (23rd round), 1B Russell Moldenhauer (24th round), LHP Christian Meza (25th round), Manno, OF Rick Hughes (29th round), C Jeremy Mayo (31st round), OF Randolph Oduber (32nd round), OF Wander Nunez (36th round), RHP Kevin Cahill (41st round), OF Rashad Hatcher (49th round).

-No ML time yet by the 2010 draft class, which is not a surprise.
-Harper is obviously living up to expectations so far, hitting .338/.434/.610 with 13 HR and 12 SB in 55 games.
-For a pitcher labeled as close to ML ready, Solis has pitched very little so far (13 and 2/3 innings combined in 2010-11). Way too early to make judgments on him, though.
-Hague's bat has looked good so far (.319/.388/.493 total), but his fielding has been atrocious (.885 fielding percentage). Look for a position change in the near future.
-Cole's peripherals look great so far: 2.3 BB/9, 10.5 K/9 in 7 appearances.
-Martinson is walking and stealing bases, but has high K's, a low batting average and little power.
-Leonida's 2011 triple slash: .232/.358/.357. 2010? .146/.241/.184. Improvement is improvement, I guess.
-It's hard to be a stud power hitter when you don't make any contact. For this reason, Kevin Keyes better improve quickly.
-Kelso's .329/.389/.407 triple slash from 2010-11 looks nice.
-Holland has been awesome last year and this year: 1.88 ERA, 1.7 BB/9, 9.6 K/9 in 48 IP. Keep it going, Neil.
-Robbie Ray has been even better, with a 0.36 ERA, 4.0 H/9, 2.2 BB/9 and 8.3 K/9 in 25 IP. Beast mode!
-McKenzie has been the opposite: 9.31 ERA, 12.5 H/9, 6.0 BB/9 and 6.5 K/9 in 48 and 1/3 innings. Ruh row.
-Tim Smalling (14th round) of Virginia Tech did not sign due to an injured labrum. We'll see if the Nationals take another run at him this year. 
-Freitas has 31 walks and 28 K's this season. His power has also improved. Could be a nice find in the 15th round.
-Where's Moldy? Russell Moldenhauer hit .268/.377/.500 in Vermont last year but has yet to appear in 2011.
-Manno is a monster. In 27 innings this season, he has allowed 9 hits and 1 earned run. He needs to work on his walks (3.3 BB/9 this season, 4.0 in his career), but with a career 14.6 K/9 to counter the walks, it's not as much of a concern.
-Mayo hit .284/.397/.477 last year. We'll see if he can repeat that success at Potomac this season.
-Nick Serino (37th round) and Tyler Oliver (35th round) have been released to my knowledge.

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