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Nationals Draft History: Brian Goodwin

With two solid picks in the first round, the Nationals turned to OF Brian Goodwin with the 34th overall pick. Goodwin started his college career at UNC, but was suspended for the 2011 season and subsequently transferred to Miami-Dade College. Here's what I've found on Goodwin.

Goodwin's stats in college:
2010 (UNC): .291/.411/.511, 66 H/227 AB, 47 R, 13 2B, 8 3B, 7 HR, 63 RBI, 7/9 SB, 45 BB/49 K
2011 (MDC): .382/.492/.631, 60 H/157 AB, 42 R, 11 2B, 2 3B, 8 HR, 37 RBI, 16/18 SB, 37 BB/??? K

Some notes on Goodwin (in order of the most recent post/article):
From John Sickels, Minor League Ball, 6/14/2011: "Good speed, draws walks, power is developing. Main scout gripe is spotty defense but that should improve with experience."

From John Sickels, Minor League Ball/Baseball Nation, 6/7/2011:
"Very toolsy outfielder with good speed, patience at the plate, and moderate power. Needs work on defense but high ceiling."

From Nathan Rode, Baseball America, 6/6/2011:
"Goodwin has been compared to Jacque Jones with his average to plus tools across the board. He's a good hitter, showing patience and strength at the plate."

From Matt Grabusky, MLB Draft Guide, 6/5/2011:
"Brian Goodwin is a top athlete and one of the most dynamic talents available in the 2011 draft. Goodwin is filled with potential offensively. He has a good approach at the plate and is willing to take a walk. He has plus bat speed. Goodwin’s swing is not geared to for hitting home runs, but he should be in the 10-15 home run range. He is also a threat to steal once he is on base. The only drawback for Goodwin is that he does tend to swing and miss a bit too often. Goodwin should be able to remain in center at the next level. He covers plenty of ground and has a plus arm. His breaks and routes need work...His game needs some polish, but there is plenty of potential here."

From Allan Simpson, Perfect Game USA, 6/1/2011:
"Goodwin is unmistakably one of the elite athletes in the 2011 draft class, but his career to date has been marked by a number of twists and turns. His latest diversion has seen him spend his sophomore campaign at Florida’s Miami-Dade College after he was suspended in November for the 2011 season at North Carolina for violating university policy. He quickly emerged as the top prospect in the nation’s junior-college ranks and is a near-certain bet to be selected in the first round...Goodwin’s superior athleticism and maturing baseball skills make him an obvious first-round candidate, no matter what the draft year. He has all the raw tools to excel in the big leagues, and his combination of hitting skills, emerging power, superior speed and stellar defense makes him one of the best all-around outfield prospects in the 2011 draft. Goodwin is a 6.5-second runner with outstanding range in center field. He also has one of the top outfield arms in the class. Offensively, Goodwin has a quick, effortless lefthanded swing and stays inside the ball with a level, line-drive type swing. His raw strength enables him to generate bat speed and drive balls into the gaps, although his present approach at the plate limits his loft power. Goodwin was hobbled this spring by a hamstring issue initially, impacting his speed on the bases and in the outfield, but his entire game picked up as he regained full health...Goodwin is far from a finished product, however, and scouts say he’ll need to continue to refine both his approach at the plate and defense in center field. More than anything, he needs to develop more consistent breaks on balls hit his way in order to settle in as an everyday center fielder...If teams are convinced he can play center field over the long haul, he will be an overwhelming favorite to be the first junior-college player drafted in June, though he tentatively plans to return to North Carolina for his junior year if the draft doesn’t work out for him."

From Josh G, MLB Bonus Baby, 5/28/2011:
"Goodwin is a tremendous athlete who was expected to go higher in the draft after being kicked off the North Carolina baseball team. He is a very good athlete though his instincts are still a bit lacking. He is committed to South Carolina next year."

From Matt Garrioch, MLB Bonus Baby, 5/13/2011:
"Some people will tell you that Brian Goodwin could be a potential #1 overall pick if he doesn't sign this year and plays at South Carolina next year. Don't believe them. He won't hit much and the draft next year isn't as deep as this one, by any means, but it isn't a paltry class either. I don't have a crystal ball but I’m just stating my opinion. I’m saying Goodwin won’t hit enough to be the #1 overall pick. That’s not much of a limb to go out on. I’m sure everyone has favorites and guys they don’t like as much as others. Goodwin is on my overrated list."

From, 5/13/2011:
"Goodwin possesses many of the same tools from a couple of years back. The left-handed hitter should be above average at the plate, with a good approach and the ability to square balls up. He's got future above-average power to all fields as well. An above-average runner, he uses his speed well on the bases, where he should be a basestealer, and in the outfield. He's got plenty of arm strength and a solid glove -- one that could work in center, but might be best suited to left field when all is said and done. He's got enough bat to play a corner, and the glimpses of all five tools he shows should have him in the first-round conversation."

From Nick Faleris, Diamond Scape Scouting, 1/21/2011:
"Goodwin is slightly more refined, but like (UConn OF George) Springer needs to quiet his approach at the plate and tighten-up his game across the board."

Faleris noted Goodwin as having the best arm out of all draft-eligible outfielders.

From John Kilma, Baseball Beginnings, 10/16/2010:
"Left-handed hitter who has potential to become a very good player. Smooth swing, firm front, good hands, nice extension, confident in hands."

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