Monday, September 5, 2011

Community Top Prospect List: #13

Sammy Solis' cheering section came through in poll 12 over the long weekend, gaining 60 votes. Tom Milone got 20 votes, but came nowhere close to the victory.

Here's your list so far:
1. OF Bryce Harper (90%)
2. 3B Anthony Rendon (83%)
3. LHP Matt Purke (47%)
4. RHP Brad Peacock (39%)
5. RHP AJ Cole (44%)
6. RHP Alex Meyer (26%)
7. LHP Robbie Ray (31%)
8. C Derek Norris (41%)
9. 2B Steve Lombardozzi (50%)
10. OF Brian Goodwin (38%)
11. OF Destin Hood (44%)
12. LHP Sammy Solis (74%)

Here's your new list. Remember, argue for your player in the comments section and leave a new name as well!

Since we're getting deeper into the prospect pool, here are some quick write-ups for the 10 candidates:

C David Freitas - Bat is good; hit .288/.409/.450 this year and .307/.408/.450 last season. Defense is still shaky, however; as Nationals Prospects notes, he's still relatively new to the catching position, but he still gave up 115 stolen bases in 154 attempts this season.
OF Erik Komatsu - Komatsu is seen by most as a future 4th outfielder, with good defense in the corner positions. If he can play even average CF, his high-contact bat, good batter's eye and above average speed could turn him into a decent starter, though.
1B Chris Marrero - The 15th overall pick of the 2006 draft made it to the bigs recently and has hit to the tune of .241/.290/.241 in 31 PA. Chris is a good overall hitter, but likely doesn't have enough power to be a league-average first baseman.
RHP Brad Meyers - The 6'6" righty has excellent control (0.9 BB/9 this season) and has stuck around pretty well in AAA, throwing up a 3.46 ERA there this season (3.16 across all levels) despite missing almost all of the 2010 season due to injuries.
LHP Tom Milone - One of the most polarizing players in the entire prospect community, with great minor league numbers at all levels (3.05 career ERA, 1.5 BB/9, 8/1 K/9) but mediocre velocity and a questionable ability to get it done at the next level.  Hit a 3 run HR in his first ML game this weekend, but also gave up 4 runs in 4 and 1/3 innings.
OF Eury Perez - Fell off the radar this season due to a .283/.319/.321 season in Potomac. Great speed and defense, but with poor patience, the question is can he get on base enough to be a big league player.
LHP Danny Rosenbaum - Rosenbaum doesn't have the greatest stuff or the pinpoint control that Milone does, but he has sparkling (and consistent) numbers from rookie ball to AA over three seasons: 2.35 career ERA, 7.6 H/9, 0.3 HR/9, 2.6 BB/9 and 7.4 K/9.
3B Matt Skole - The 2011 5th round pick is known for having a solid bat but a mediocre glove. Hit .290/.382/.438 in his pro debut, but where's the power? (2011 Nats Draft Info page).
LHP Kylin Turnbull - The 2011 4th rounder throws in the mid-90s with some projection left in his arm. Lack of secondary options probably will leave him in the bullpen, but he could be a dominant lefty reliever (2011 Nats Draft Info page).
SS Zach Walters - The Nats grabbed Walters from the Diamondbacks in the Jason Marquis trade. I'm all for shortstops who can hit, and Walters has a career .299/.356/.451 line from both sides. Whether or not he can stick at SS is a question mark, but at this point in his career, that's the plan.


  1. I stuck with Rosenbaum again. It isn't a bad top 15 or so, is it? Falls off a little after that.

  2. Milone or Meyers for me. Rosenbaum is a lot like Milone- same age, same excellent command, lack of 'great' stuff, however Rosenbaum has been doing it 2 levels below Milone.

    Meyers is really an enigma to me. Unfortunately injuries have made him an old 25 year old, but his numbers throughout the minors have been very good. Milone gets lots of credit for his 16:155 K:BB ratio, but Meyers' is almost as good at 15:116. It's a shame that between Milone and Peacock, Meyers won't get a shot this September.

  3. Also, may I nominate Michael Burge... er, I mean Kevin Keyes. He's put up better numbers this season than Michael Burgess ever did. They've got very similar skill sets, but it looks like Keyes may end up with the bat Burgess was reputed to possess.

    Keyes had an awful start to the season (.088/.114/.176), but has been on a tear since- (.281/.355/.528) after the All Star break. I think he's one to watch out for.

  4. I thought that Rosenbaum was a little faster (91-92) this year - with some difficulty commanding it. That being said, I liked what I saw from Milone in his debut. Anyhow, to me, mostly a pick 'em b/w Milone, Rosenbaum. Meyers and Marrero.

    I saw Keyes play against Lakewood Blue Claws - my mom lives there, and I brought the kids for a visit & NJ Boardwalk. Would you believe that it was the day they promoted Harper?!?>

    Anyway, Keyes not only has a big bat. He is an enormous dude. And lumbering doesn't begin to describe his OF play. He actually won that game with a big double late. Overall, though, not a huge fan.