Monday, August 22, 2011

Community Top Prospect List: #6

In poll #5, AJ Cole was neck-and-neck with Steve Lombardozzi early, but eventually ran away with the victory, with 44% (to Lombo's 22%).

Here's your list so far:
1. OF Bryce Harper (90%)
2. 3B Anthony Rendon (83%)
3. LHP Matt Purke (47%)
4. RHP Brad Peacock (39%)
5. RHP AJ Cole (44%)

Here's your new list. Remember, argue for your player in the comments section and leave a new name as well!


  1. I went with Norris. While his BA has been disappointing this year, a .239 BABIP is not going to last and his other peripheral numbers (18% BB% and .241 ISO) are outstanding, his 26.8% K% nonwithstanding. A power hitting beast behind the plate with some warts (K's and passed balls) is more valuable to me than lower level tools-based guys like Goodwin/Hood or all-or-nothing SP's like Meyer.

  2. Hood has elevated his play at each ascending level. This year he has displayed the potential of a five-tool player. Still only 21, I see him surpassing Norris and Marrero in the developmental depth chart by next spring.

  3. Ok, I think it starts to get interesting now.

    I am going with Alex Meyer here. It wasn't easy because he hasn't played yet, but I think his #1 starter tools and his good year swayed me. FWIW, Ray was my second choice here. Great year, and he is higher in my estimation than when drafted.

    Norris, I dunno, I am losing some faith. Batting eye is great but major league pitchers are going to challenge him to make him produce or else. That is where I think BA says something about his future.

  4. For what it's worth, Hood and Meyer are the 2 on this list that I expected to draw the most different reviews since they're both fairly enigmatic. Hood's 2011 has been awesome, but I'm still a little too concerned with his past problems to sign off on him...don't get me wrong, he's a great prospect and I think he's fine, just I want to see more track record.

    I'm also lower than most on Ray since he's a ways away from the majors and still (despite success) doesn't profile as higher than a #3 starter. I generally lean more towards position players in my prospect lists because they are more stable IMO.

    Remember, opinions are like assholes...everyone's got one! Thanks for the discussion, John and Wally.

  5. I went with Meyer, but I don't feel strongly. Norris or Ray could have easily gotten my vote on a different day.

    I too am a little low on Hood. Whenever I hear the word 'toolsy,' I lower my estimation of a player. It seems to me that when a player gets that label it means he can do everything, but he's not good at anything in particular. Before, this season Hood had been terribly underwhelming, especially for a 2nd round pick. One good season doesn't mean much to me (just look at JP Ramirez). If Hood can duplicate his success next year in Harrisburg, then my valuation of him will be stronger, but until then, he's around #15 on my prospects list.