Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Community Top Prospect List: #7

In poll #6, Steve Lombardozzi once again took an early lead, but this time was overtaken by 1st round pick Alex Meyer, who won with 26% of the votes. Lombo was 2nd with 21%, and the likes of Norris, Ray and Hood all got 10% or better.

Here's your list so far:
1. OF Bryce Harper (90%)
2. 3B Anthony Rendon (83%)
3. LHP Matt Purke (47%)
4. RHP Brad Peacock (39%)
5. RHP AJ Cole (44%)
6. RHP Alex Meyer (26%)

Here's your new list. Remember, argue for your player in the comments section and leave a new name as well!


  1. Norris gets my vote once again.

  2. Interesting that 3 of the top 6 voted in have yet to play a professional game. I would argue of the remaining prospects on the list, Hood has the highest ceiling.

  3. Incidentally, aren't Michael Taylor, Eury Perez, or Rick Hague more deserving to be on the list than Zach Walters?

  4. Robbie Ray for me here. I think that he could be a #2, although Norris is close now for me. Although I don't expect Ray to win, or even be top 10 possibly.

    FWIW, this has been a good exercise, Sean. I now think that the Nats system is stronger than I did before you did this. Marrero, Goodwin, Lombo - two of those are probably going to fall outside the top 10. I think that we have a good chance to be a Top 5 system. Definitely top 10, and I don't think that is just fan ravings.

  5. John, I'd say Perez is the only one out of those 3 more deserving to be on the list, as most of what I've seen on Walters pegs him in the late teens of organizational ratings. Hague's lost season hurts him in rankings, especially given his glove problems. Taylor is still super super raw...you're the second person to mention him to me, so maybe I'm in the minority, but his BB/K ratio is awful in A-ball...imagine when he faces better pitchers.

    Admittedly, Walters went up on the list a little too early, but he was the only player suggested in the comments and I figured we could use another bat on the list.

  6. My vote goes to Danny Rosenbaum as the next addition to the list, as he mirrors Peacock's meteoric rise from obscure late round draft pick (41st and 22nd rounders) to suddenly relevant prospect this season, albeit two levels lower. His groundball rates are fantastic too. I bet Rizzo's mouth is watering at the thought of him.

  7. I vote for Peacock. I am looking forward to see him come up in September along with, Milone and Lombardozzi. It will be nice to see what these guys can do in the majors.

  8. I have seen all that the Nationals have and Robbie Ray is clearly ahead of A.J. Cole

  9. I like the looks of all the prospects but, I think Ray could be a 2 or even a 1. Don't count him out.