Sunday, August 21, 2011

Community Top Prospect List: #5

Brad Peacock won the last poll, barely edging AJ Cole in the vote, 39% to 33%. So far, here's the list:
1. OF Bryce Harper (90%)
2. 3B Anthony Rendon (83%)
3. LHP Matt Purke (47%)
4. RHP Brad Peacock (39%)

I waited a few extra days for this one because it was so close and I was consumed with wedding activities all weekend. We're back in full force now!


  1. Cole got my vote again. He's got the most upside over anyone here.

  2. Cole for the third time in a row. It is entirely possible that I am too high on him, but this round especially leads me to believe that others are too low. Personally, I think Lombo is barely top 10, but that is the beauty of choice.

    I would add Rosenbaum or Brad Meyer next.

  3. Completely agreed about Lombo. No way he should be higher than 8 or 9.

  4. Agreed. I think any of #4-10 are relatively interchangeable (all somewhere in the 'B' range, depending on your own preferences). My vote was for Cole at #4 (Peacock at 5), but a case can be made for any of Peacock, Cole, Goodwin, Meyer, Norris, Ray or Solis.