Monday, August 15, 2011

Nats draft pick updates: Top 5 picks to sign

All of the following reports come from Twitter and are from today unless otherwise noted:

13th round 1B Casey "Ory" Kalenkosky:
When asked what Texas State players had signed/would sign, Tyler Manforth of the San Marcos Daily Record said: "@BryDanElsn Smith hadn't signed last I talked to him, neither has Kalenkosky. I doubt Sibley would either. #TXST should be good." @smdrtyler

Tyler was kind enough to reply to my further questioning, saying "From what I've heard, Ory had a certain amount of money he wanted and if he's not getting it, he's coming back. #TXST."

14th round OF Cody Stubbs:
The Asheville Citizen-Times' twitter account came out with this today: "Tuscola baseball alum Cody Stubbs looks to be headed to UNC rather than signing with Washington Nationals #mlb..." @acthshuddle

31st round OF Josh Tobias:
Cody Jones of and wrote the following about Tobias on Wednesday, August 10: "#Gators utility player signee Josh Tobias said he isnt talking to the Nationals anymore after they took him in the 31st round. He'll b at UF."

46th round OF Tyler Thompson:
Cody Jones also provided the following updates on Thompson today:
"Might sound weird, but the #Gators player/signee Im most interested in following is 46th round OF Tyler Thompson. He could definitely sign." (from ~2 pm).
"Hearing #Gators OF Tyler Thompson cut off talks with the Nationals and will return for his senior year." (from ~5 pm).

Obviously these four won't be the only to not sign, but they were all potential over-slot guys who draftniks like myself figured might sign if guys like Purke fell through. Hawtin Buchanan, Josh Laxer, Derrick Bleeker and Brett Mooneyham are some names to watch in that situation.

According to Jim Callis of Baseball America, 4th round pick LHP Kylin Turnbull of Santa Barbara CC has signed for $325,000, about $100,000 above the slot recommendation for the pick. Here is my profile of Turnbull, a lefty with a nice fastball (94 mph now, and at 6'5" and 195 lbs, has room to add more velocity).

Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus just tweeted: "Rumors that Purke will sign with the #Nationals . . . stronger than ever." Rumors are just rumors, but it's still exciting!

@FungoFrogTCU on Twitter reportedly has sources that say Purke will sign a ML deal with the Nats. "Things I'm sure on: Deal is close/done, being held, more than $3M w/ a multi year pro contract." Until I hear it from a national baseball writer or local beat writer, I'll remain skeptical, but it's good news for now, especially at the price of $4 mil or below.

Jon Heyman of SI reports the Nats have signed Brian Goodwin to a deal with a $3 million SB.

Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post reports that the Nats have agreed to sign Rendon, Meyer and Purke, with dollar amounts yet to be disclosed.

John Manuel says Meyer's SB is $2 mil.

John Heyman of SI reports that Rendon signed a $7.2 million guaranteed ML deal with the Nats. 

Jim Callis of Baseball America says Purke's deal is worth around $4.4 mil and is an ML deal.


  1. Sean - good stuff. Hearing anything lately? Btw, I intend to take part in your prospect survey, but can't see it from my iPad, so I'll do it next week when I get back from vacation and to a real computer.

  2. Wally, Turnbull has signed, but there isn't really any buzz so far on the other top guys.

    Thanks for wanting to participate in the poll! Strange that it doesn't work on the iPad, maybe it's in Flash or something. I'll check on it.

  3. Just as I say that, Goldstein tweets that Purke to the Nats rumors are more prevalent than ever. Nice!

  4. Sounds like $5m being thrown around for Purke. Glad to see the Nats being aggressive!

  5. Could be even less than $5...I've heard anything from the $2-$5 range. Apparently he's holding out for an ML deal and will take less money to get one. I'm cool with that.

  6. Goodwin for $3m. Yikes, that is a lot. I am not that high on him

  7. Law said he's a potential top 5 guy next year. They signed all 5 of the guys they needed to (and their top 13 picks) so I won't question the $'s it took to get the guys done I suppose.