Thursday, January 31, 2013

The 2001 Baseball Prospectus top 40 Prospect List and the Nats

Yesterday, I came across the Baseball Prospectus top 40 prospect list published in January 2001 and was amazed at how many ex-Nats were on the list (10 if you include Brian Lawrence. I have a Brian Lawrence Nats card, so he counts).
  1. Ryan Anderson, LHP, Mariners
  2. Sean Burroughs, 3B, Padres
  3. Corey Patterson, CF, Cubs (2/15 in 5 games for the 2009 Nats)
  4. Ben Sheets, RHP, Brewers
  5. Roy Oswalt, RHP, Astros
  6. Vernon Wells, CF, Blue Jays
  7. Jose Ortiz, 2B, A's
  8. Ichiro Suzuki, RF, Mariners
  9. Jimmy Rollins, SS, Phillies
  10. Jon Rauch, RHP, White Sox (21-15 witha  3.24 ERA, 23 saves and a 2.95 K/BB in 280 and 1/3 career innings for the 2004 Expos thru the 2008 Nats)
  11. Antonio Perez, SS, Mariners
  12. Bobby Bradley, RHP, Pirates
  13. Nick Johnson, 1B, Yankees (.280/.408/.460 with 56 HR in 2041 plate appearances for the 2004 Expos thru the 2009 Nats)
  14. Josh Hamilton, RF, Devil Rays
  15. Chris George, LHP, Royals
  16. Carlos Pena, 1B, Rangers
  17. Joe Crede, 3B, White Sox
  18. C.C. Sabathia, LHP, Indians
  19. Hee-Seop Choi, 1B, Cubs
  20. J.R. House, C, Pirates
  21. Alex Escobar, CF, Mets (.356/.394/.575 in 99 plate appearances for the 2006 Nats. Wow.)
  22. Bud Smith, LHP, Cardinals
  23. Kevin Mench, OF, Rangers (.111/.172/.111 in 29 plate appearances for the 2010 Nats. Had a -21 OPS+. Bad wow.)
  24. Adam Dunn, OF, Reds (.264/.378/.533 in 1316 plate apperances for the 2009-10 Nats)
  25. Austin Kearns, OF, Reds (.242/.346/.376 in 1503 plate appearances for the 2006-09 Nats)
  26. Brad Wilkerson, OF, Expos (.248/.351/.405 in 661 plate apperances for the 2005 Nats, and .256/.365/.452 in total 2690 plate appearances for the 2001 Expos thru the 2005 Nats)
  27. D'Angelo Jimenez, SS, Yankees (.245/.379/.373 in 128 plate appearances for the 2007 Nats)
  28. Albert Pujols, 3B, Cardinals
  29. Keith Ginter, 2B/3B, Astros
  30. Luke Prokopec, RHP, Dodgers
  31. Adrian Hernandez, RHP, Yankees
  32. Craig Wilson, C/1B, Pirates
  33. Luis Rivas, SS/2B, Twins
  34. Mike Bynum, LHP, Padres
  35. Wilson Betemit, SS/3B, Braves
  36. Nick Neugebauer, RHP, Brewers
  37. Jack Cust, LF, Diamondbacks
  38. Marcus Giles, 2B, Braves
  39. Michael Cuddyer, 3B, Twins
  40. Brian Lawrence, RHP, Padres (never pitched for the Nats, but was acquired in exchange for 3B Vinny Castilla after the 2005 season)


  1. There are a lot Nats on this list because Jim Bowden cared about acquiring guys you've heard of more than he cared about acquiring players who were actually still good.

  2. Which led some smart guy to start a blog named FJB! Hope you're doing well, Steven.