Monday, July 25, 2011

Introducing 2011 Nationals Draft Info!

I haven't posted here for a month. Sorry, I've been busy with my baby. No, not an infant...a website. 2011 Nationals Draft Info is an all-encompassing site with profiles, scouting reports and links for every single Nats pick this season, from 6th overall pick Anthony Rendon to 50th rounder Tony Nix. While much of the site mirrors what I wrote on this site, there are new links, new analysis and pictures of each player included. I would really appreciate it if my readers spread this around, as I plan on keeping it up to date, with stats added after each season and signings updated as they happen.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the new page! I will continue to blog from here and already have 2012 Nationals Draft Info reserved for next year!


  1. Sean - this is good stuff, thanks for doing it.

    It looks like they gave up on Hawtin Buchanan. Are you hearing much chatter on the others?

  2. Not much, to be honest. I'm surprised Kalenkosky, Stubbs and Guzman haven't signed yet, and at this point, I'd be surprised to see them do so. Bryan Harper apparently will sign soon and I have no doubt the Nats will sign Rendon, Meyer, Goodwin and Turnbull. Purke is quite the wildcard.

  3. Yeah, Purke will be difficult. It will likely take $4m, yet there is no concrete data to base a decision on. But you would think the Nats knew that going in, so maybe they are prepared to take a flier

  4. I'm a little more optimistic than most on the Nats picking Purke. I think he'll sign for $2-3 mil or so...the Nats will use his arm troubles as leverage against him and he'll wisen up and take the money while it's there, because if he gets hurt again next year he could be out of baseball forever.