Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Appreciating Tyler Clippard

When Tyler Clippard came up in 2009 and threw 60 and 1/3 innings of 2.69 ERA ball, I figured it was an abbe ration. His BABIP was ridiculously low (.197) and he walked 4.77 batters per 9 innings. In 2010, Clippard found a way to improve his K/9, BB/9, FIP and xFIP numbers and still put up a sparkling 3.07 ERA despite having to pitch in basically every other game. Clippard has found a way to keep improving, with similar K/9 numbers, better BB/9 numbers and improved FIP and xFIP stats. The Nats truly have an ace in the bullpen in Clippard, who has been amongst the league's best at missing bats. Jim Bowden made a lot of mistakes in his time in DC, but trading Jonathan Abaladejo for Tyler Clippard was not one of them. You're the man, Tyler. Keep it up.

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